Japan IGF is the National IGF in Japan, which serves as a platform of discussions for the Japanese community on issues discussed in the Internet Governance arena. We registered as the National IGF in Japan in Nov 2016. We operate under open and transparent, inclusive and non-commercial principles. 

“National and Regional IGF initiatives (NRIs) are organic and independent formations that are discussing issues pertaining to Internet Governance from the perspective of their respective communities, while acting in accordance with the main principles of the global IGF. “See National Regional IGF page on the global IGF website for more details:

はじめまして、コメントありがとうございます。 私はサイズに左右差があり左足が22.5なのですが、靴下を履いた状態で履くと痛くない程度にフィット感がありました。 革製なので履くほど足に馴染んでくるかと思います。###はじめまして。 普段22.5なのですが、靴下を履いた場合はキツい感じでしょうか?###